Independent / Agency

Here’s a ‘fact experiment’. (I just made that up. AFAIK that is not a commonly used / understood phrase. What I mean by it is an exercise to validate something by combining known facts about a topic. Don’t dwell too much on this. This isn’t the fun bit.)

List all “independent” agencies that you are aware of.

Look up

  1. who runs these organizations
  2. who is in power in that ‘realm’
  3. who stands to benefit in the ‘realm’
  4. how 1, 2 and 3 are connected (related, overlapping, have common interests etc.)

Obvious question — How independent are the agencies truly? In context where all of it is a charade, who does it benefit and what does the charade distract us from?

Note to self: Remember to “follow the money”.

Thoughts for next in this series:

  • Think along the same lines about “Agency” — of the so called independent agencies as well as that of the actors in the realms. What is the agency for? To enquire, to search, to devise checks and balances, to penalize?…
  • Link to post about findings in various realms



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